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Our Philosophy

Our dog training philosophy is based upon the premise each dog is unique and our programs are developed for your pet based on individual needs. We do not employ a standard one size fits all dog training method as we believe training canines to a high level of social obedience cannot be obtained with cookie cutter methods. The dog trainer must work extensively with your animals natural instincts to develop a training program to bring your companion to the high level of training owners seek to achieve when selecting dog training services. In training your canine to the high standards desired many elements must be considered including genetic predisposition,  individual capabilities and behavioral components derived from your dog’s experiences. Through our high level of dedication and expertise in animal behavior, we achieve superior pet obedience by tailoring  programs to the individual animal. We achieve this goal by recognizing each animal and handler possesses specific strengths and weaknesses which must be addressed in a succesfull program. Based upon our extensive experience and knowledge of animal behavior we devise taylored training programs based on our belief that each animal is an individual with their own personality derived from genetics, environment and personal experiences. We evaluate each dog in the free introductory lesson and formulate various training options which best suit the needs of the dog as well as the goals of the handler.

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