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Bio/Bob Santos

My name is Bob Santos (NJ master dog trainer) and my experience in canine behavior and dog training extends back to my childhood in New Jersey raising Doberman and Rottweiler puppies with my father’s breeding activities. I very quickly learned no two dogs were similar and each canine had specific needs which need to be addressed. This started my education and true understanding that no two animals are the same and became the foundation of my philosophy for individual training based upon each dog’s inherent psychology and behavioral characteristics. It also enlightened me to the importance of training during all canine developmental periods.

I took an interest and started training my German Shepherds in the German temperament test of Schutzhund, this is a very demanding test for the dog to prove it's ability to use his nose in scent tracking, prove his/her willingness to follow command from and form a partnership with his/her handler as well as prove his/her willingness and ability to protect his handler. This type of training has allowed me a vast amount of knowledge which has assisted me in training all aspect of real-world obedience, protection, search and detection training. I have completed multiple master trainers programs focusing on various training techniques as well as canine behavior and I continue to search the globe for the best teachers, methods, and tools that this industry has available. The most important aspect of my background is the extensive experience training all breeds from the toy group to working dogs which gives me the tools for success even with the most difficult behavior issues.


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