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Puppy Training Classes Jersey Shore

Although often overlooked puppy training prior to 5 months of age is an important factor in promoting a well adjusted and well behaved adult dog. All puppies go through specific developmental fear periods that if handled properly can reduce the magnitude of future behavioral issues. Devising training methods specific to each animal and their corresponding developmental period will promote increased socialization as well as neutralize the animals instinctual uncertainty with specific situations. Proper socialization and neutralization during developmental fear periods can build confidence and trust with your pet and is critical to canine development. Specific behavioral training during puppy development can reduce negative behavior during adolescent canine development and create a stronger bond between dog and owner. In addition, early behavioral training will foster a more confident animal ready for the next stage of obedience training. The appropriate neutralization and socialization skills developed in our puppy training programs are highly beneficial to both handler and pet. We work very closely with pet owners to educate them regarding the specific behaviour of their pet and provide the direction to achieve ongoing success throughout the life and future Puppy training of their canine companion.

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