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Basic Obedience

Our basic obedience program focuses extensively on building a close bond between handler and canine, understanding pack hierarchy and creating a properly structured relationship between pet owners and their dogs. This phase includes reinforcing relationships with family members as well as the primary handler. True pet obedience goes well beyond teaching your dog a series of commands and is ultimately based upon the pet learning to respect the handler as the pack leader and through this activity the dog will learn respect of their leader as well as an understanding of what is and what is not acceptable behavior. We assist the owner in developing a clear line of communication with their pet to achieve true obedience and establish the framework of acceptable behavior. The basic commands sit, down, stay, come, heel and the word NO are included in this program.

Basic Obedience Program Options:

2-3 Week Board and Train Program

Your pet lives as a guest in our home for the duration of this training program and we contact you near the end of the program to schedule a 1-2 hour lesson when you pick up your companion from our facility. The purpose of the initial lesson is to ensure you understand the commands, proper handling techniques and specific direction required when your pet returns home. After receiving your pet you are entitled to two additional private lessons reinforcing proper handling techniques.

Daily Lessons

This program consists of you dropping off your pet at our facility and returning to pick them up in the afternoon. We will work with your companion throughout the day and can schedule time frames for drop off and pick up consistent with your schedule.


Private Lessons

This program consists of a group of individual lessons with one or two sessions per week approximately 1 hour in length at our facility.


In Home Private Lessons

This program consists of a series of  individual lessons with one or two sessions per week approximately 1 hour in length at your home.

Koda BEFORE Basic Obedience Training

Koda AFTER Basic Obedience Training

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