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When we brought our 2 year old Boxer, Gracie, to Bob we were frustrated to say the least. Gracie was very playful and full of energy. She would jump on the couches, Chew on furniture and attempt to dig holes in our carpet. She would also jump on our children if they were sitting on the floor playing. We could not take her outside when people were around because she would pull on the leash and jump all over people. We had to use a harness that went over her muzzle to control her. From our first lesson with Bob, Gracie’s behavior improved. Throughout the training she became more calm and obedient to commands.


Bob was always patient with us and Gracie. She respects us but still has a playful and happy spirit, which is important to us. We are now able to take her outside and play with her in the yard without worries of her jumping on children in our yard. She also retrieves a ball and brings it back to us which is a lot of fun for all of us. One other thing we gained from the training is a stronger bond with Gracie. After the training we are able to enjoy our relationship with her so much more and that is something you really can’t put a price on.


Thank You,
Sean and Diana
Toms River, NJ
Basic obedience


We cannot thank you enough for all you have done with our black lab, Lucia. When we brought her to you she was hyper with little self-control, nervous and high strung. She would jump all over visitors and drag us down the street on walks. After your impressive training, Lucia is a completely different dog. Her demeanor has changed in such a short time from being hyper and nervous to calm, relaxed and happy. Lucia responds when given commands and shows us respect. When visitors come over now, they comment on how well-mannered and polite she is. Before your training, we worried about what would happen if Lucia ever got loose. We knew she would run right towards the street, chasing the cars, squirrels or even bikes.

We now have the peace  of mind that wherever we are or whatever situation we are in she will always come to us when called. If we are sitting outside, it is such a good feeling to know we can trust Lucia to lie in the grass and relax while watching cars go by. Thank you again for being patient with not only Lucia, but with us as we learned how to properly handle her!


Tim and Ashley

Advanced obedience

I first came to Bob at Jersey Shore Canine for help with my new puppy, Lola. I adopted her on a whim while on vacation in Guatemala, where she spent the first four months of her life on the streets. Despite her beautiful brindle coat and her constantly wagging tail, I soon learned that her temperament was less than ideal. She suffered from severe separation anxiety which lead to the destruction of furniture and other objects in my home. She was also extremely uncomfortable around men and strangers.

When I first introduced Lola to Bob she was extremely apprehensive towards him. She would do whatever she could to get away from him, running to the end of the leash, slipping out of her collar, and even at times biting his legs when they would train together.

As the months wore on, training became less of a job for Lola and more of a game to her. It was work, but it was fun. Bob’s genuine love for animals and for his work was obvious during every moment of our training. Although her temperament made things difficult at times, Bob’s resilience and dedication enabled Lola to overcome many of the obstacles we struggled with before coming to Jersey Shore Canine. Lola now walks perfectly on a leash, sits, stays, and is learning to control her excitement and misbehavior’s, in addition to many other commands learned during training. Her overall demeanor has improved compared to when I first adopted her. If you are looking to strengthen the bond between you and your dog and to teach your dog discipline along with useful commands that will reinforce that discipline, I would recommend visiting Bob at Jersey Shore Canine training.


Neutralization/basic obedience

Bob Santos at Jersey Shore Canine has proven to be a seasoned pro when it comes to training. I took my 6 month old female German Shepherd to Bob for obedience training. As a first time dog owner, the training process was entirely new to me. Bob was patient and took his time to explain the entire procedure.

He is genuinely dedicated to his craft and takes a lot of pride in providing the dog owner with a puppy that is truly obedient. Bob has that “sixth sense” when it comes to knowing what your dog is thinking which is critical to the success of training. After the training was completed, Bob was responsive and always available for any follow-up questions I may have had.

If my Shepherd has pups, Bob will be my first call for training.


Greg H.

Basic Obedience

We have a 5 year old Maltese and a 10 month old Shiba Inu (Known for being the hardest to train). Our Maltese was showing very aggressive behavior such as growling at us when we pet him, consistent barking and wanting to attack anything that moved while walking outside on the leash. Our Shiba Inu is a very sweet and of course energetic and playful pup but she never listened and actually ran out of the house on 2 separate occasions, luckily our neighbors helped us bring her back. We also noticed our Shiba had some anxiety from separation, she destroyed our kitchen walls and her bed. Our Maltese had a terrible peeing peeing problem in the house.

What pushed me to find a trainer besides all of the above was a time when my wife came home and my Maltese and I greeted her outside, and he actually bit her TWICE! He had bitten her before but never that bad and that’s when I started my search for a good dog trainer. I tried out Bark Busters, where a trainer came to our home and had us through a baggie of chain links on the floor and make a ridiculous noise to correct my dog, and while walking actually spraying him with a squirt bottle. End of the story is, Worst money ever spent.

I interviewed two other boarding schools in Howell  and Freehold area, but lets just say I left very skeptical due to the business attitude toward us and the lack of answers to all my questions.  I finally came across Jersey Shore Canine with no recommendation whatsoever, what really intrigued me about Bob’s training methods was the before and after video on his site, the after video showed the dog being extremely obedient, respectful, and most importantly Happy! The dog actually seem to enjoy the walk, and obeying all the commands.

I brought both my dogs in, of course they were immediately uncomfortable with what was coming, but I was not worried at all about the way they were going to be treated. He had them for 4 weeks and we’ve had them back for over a week already. One of my worries was that my sweet Shiba was going to be broken down that she would not be as sweet as she had always been. Not the case at all, he has taught them to respect us, without loosing any love for us. Our Maltese is a very different dog, calm, respectful, and hasn’t had any accidents in the house since he came back. Our Shiba is showing just as much respect and has maintained that sweetness that we love about her. They walk perfectly on the leash and they both listen when corrected. We couldn’t be more happy with our results and are recommending him to everyone we know with a dog.

Mike V.

Basic Obedience

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